Tasting Room Hours

December Tasting Room Hours
Thursday: 5pm-8pm
Friday: 5pm-9pm
Saturday: 2pm-9pm
Sunday: 2pm-6pm

The Tasting Room

The beautifully designed tasting room offers amazing views of our production facility and highlights our Spirit Maker (hybrid copper still) which is named Bastian Penelope Coco Frigalicious. 

Bottles, SWAG and more:

Our spirits are available for purchase along with glassware, t-shirts, hats and other awesome goodies. Sorry, but we are currently unable to ship spirits to customers.

Join us for an educational flight of Owl Spirits OR one of our seasonal or signature Handcrafted Awesome Cocktails. While we do invite you to stop by for and enjoy one drink or a tasting flight, we are unable to serve you more than 1.5oz (one cocktail or one tasting flight) due to our Craft Distiller License Type. So frustrating— we know. Believe us when we say it would be much better for ALL if we could serve you more!

Celebrations at the Blinking Owl are MAGICAL and this weird 1.5 oz limit does not apply if you plan to host a “PRIVATE EVENT or FUNCTION” at the distillery. And as many of you know, we fought the law..and the law won (for now) on our previous “private event” guidelines so we’ve updated them a bit:
How many people constitutes a private event? No clue- and the law does not define this. But the California state Alcohol Beverage Control thought that a smaller party might have a bit of a tough time convincing them that you are truly holding an event—so, gather your friends, folks!
What types of events qualify? No clue- and the law does not define this. But the California state Alcohol Beverage Control thought that best practices would be that the event was held for a particular purpose. BUT, they said “just wanting to drink more” is not considered a particular purpose. While we think that is discriminating, we will have to comply so give us a good reason like one of the following (actual events that have been held here):
Graduations Parties, Birthday Events, Wedding Receptions, Holiday Parties, Retirement Event, Corporate Experiences, etc.
Examples of our favorites: 
 “I’m in the homicide unit at the OCDA office and we’d like to celebrate putting murderers away.” 

“My husband..retired from Federal Service…had previously retired as a Marine. Almost 40 years of government service. Due to the government shutdown we had to cancel his retirement party...BUT new plan….loves whiskey..What complicated rules from the government. Maybe I shouldn’t mention he retired from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. He was a “Damn Revenuer”” 

We do not schedule events over the phone.


How many guests do you anticipate? 

Under 10 guests: No minimum bar spend required. (3 hour event time)
10-20 guests: $250 deposit or facility fee may be required depending on availability. (3 hour event time)
21-50 guest will have full use of the covered patio area for 4 hour increments. A minimum bar spend, service charge and deposit will be required (bar spend and deposit depends upon requested day).
50+ guests: full patio rental would be required (4 hours event time)
65+ guests: full facility buyout is required. The tasting room will be closed to the public. Guests of the party will have full access to tasting room bar and full use of the patio. Up to 4.5 hours (with 4 hours of bar service).

Minimum Bar Spends, Facility Fees, Service Charges and Deposits will be quoted specific to the date and time requested.

Unfortunately, we do not have the health department license to allow food to be brought onsite without a catering/ kitchen license such as a food truck. Did you want catering? If so we will provide you with our list of approved caterers and food trucks.
We do allow you to bring a birthday cake. Please make sure you bring cutlery, plates, or a cake cutter.  A charge of $20 will be added if we need to provide you with these items.

You may bring your own decor but ask that all items be removed prior to leaving. We respectfully decline the use of any glitter, glue, confetti, or small particle items. Rental items or large event decor must be arranged directly with with Blinking Owl event coordinator. All wedding and reception event will require the use of an approved wedding planner.

Please insure all guests are over 21. We are unable to accommodate children (except in the case of a full facility private rental in which those under 21 have been approved by the Blinking Owl).