Blinking Owl Limited Edition Single Malt Whiskey


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Limited Edition Fred P. Armbrust California Single Malt Whiskey by Blinking Owl

Our First Ever Single Malt Whiskey Made from 100% California Grown and Malted Barley

Our new line of rare birds pays homage to Founder/Distiller Brian Christenson’s Bootlegging Great Grandfather, Fred P. Armbrust.

Armbrust family stories are filled with memories of a secret door that led to the basement of Fred’s home on his dairy farm in Pilger, Nebraska. The distillation equipment was connected to the irrigation system from the farm so that, in the event of a raid, the spirits could be flooded out to the fields (and you thought happy cows came from California?)!

This Single Malt Whiskey is made from 100% California-grown and malted barley from our friends at Admiral Maltings in Alameda, California. As our very first batch of Single Malt produced 3 barrels, this particular release began its journey aging in a late harvest dessert wine barrel from Napa Valley for 3 years 9 months and was then transferred to a used Blinking Owl Bourbon barrel for another 6 months of aging.

Tasting Notes: a unique and savory single malt. It showcases sweet malty character followed by cacao, peanut butter and jam.

*Available for Friday November, 11th, 2023
*This is a separate offering from our Parliament club for information on whiskies included with the Parliament Club read here.