Blinking Owl, First Batch, First Barrel, Straight Rye Whiskey Future


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AVAILABLE NOW – in the tasting room only
Blinking Owl, First Batch, Straight Rye Whiskey(750ml bottle) – The very first barrel of RYE WHISKEY made in Orange County EVER (on record). Comes in Limited Edition Packaging.

Price: $250 (plus sales tax)

Like our Bourbon, this single barrel “Straight” Rye Whiskey, required a minimum of 2 years of aging. Featuring a mash bill of Rye, Wheat and Malted barley this beautiful whiskey shows complex spice that is well balanced with hints vanilla and toasted caramel. Resulting in a full bodied, yummy California distilled grain-to-glass sipper.

*Bottle can not be shipped and must be picked up from the tasting room after final bottling.