Blinking Owl, First Batch, First Barrel, Straight Rye Whiskey Future


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Blinking Owl, First Batch, Straight Rye Whiskey(750ml bottle) – The very first barrel of RYE WHISKEY made in Orange County EVER (on record).

Price: $250 (plus sales tax)

Like our Bourbon, this will be released as a single barrel “Straight” Rye Whiskey, requiring a minimum of 2 years of aging (estimated release November/December 2018).

*Bottle can not be shipped and must be picked up from the tasting room after final bottling.


By purchasing you acknowledge that you have purchased an OPTION for the very first release. The STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY is currently aging, and will not be released until anytime between November 2018 and December 31, 2019, solely at the discretion of the Blinking Owl Distillery. At the time of release you will be notified to exercise your option and purchase your bottle at the remaining balance ($125 unless original payment was made in full). If after reasonable attempts the Distillery is unable to locate you at the email, phone or address you provide, your option shall expire, and the bottle shall be made available to the next purchaser. Your deposit will be disposed of pursuant to applicable law.

By purchasing this future option, I am acknowledging that I have read the understand the Rye Whiskey Option policy and terms and conditions policies of the Blinking Owl Distillery.