Blinking Owl Distillery Spirits – I live in California


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California ABC has issued A temporary Regulatory Relief because of our current pandemic. We are allowed to sell and delivery 3 bottles per person per day(2.25liters) or curbside pick up. You must be 21 years age or older to receive delivery or pickup.

Please check website or social media for updated pick up hours.

We are offering our delivery services to residents of California for the following products:
Vodka 750ml, OC Orange Vodka 750ml, Gin 750ml, Old Tom Barrel Vacationed Gin 750ml, Aquavit 750ml, Aquavit Barrel Vacationed 750ml, Bourbon Whiskey 750ml(California Straight Wheated Bourbon Whiskey), Rye Whiskey 750ml (California Straight Rye Whiskey).

Non-California Residence BUY SPIRITS HERE

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The estimated shipping time for alcohol orders is 3-5 days. Orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 2-5 business days after the order is placed, unless one of the conditions below applies.

Someone 21 years of age or older MUST be available to sign for any alcohol orders. Packages containing alcohol will not be left on doorsteps and delivery will be attempted 3 times total. We strongly recommend ordering to your place of work if you are typically not home throughout the day.