2019 Parliament Club - House of Whiskey Lords


Owls when seen together are referred to as a “parliament” as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition.
This inspired us to create a group of whiskey lovers who enjoy good company and great spirit. So we have launched our 
inaugural whiskey club.

2019 Parliament Club
Official Member of the House of Whiskey Lords
Limited to 250 members - $299

2019 Includes:
2 bottles(750ml) Club-only Single Barrel Releases 2019 including:

1 - The very first release of our 1st Batch Straight Wheated Bourbon (Yellow label)- Mid April

1 - The very first and ONLY 3-YEAR old 4-grain Bourbon (Red Label) that will be released in 2019-Early November  (Batch 2, Barrel 2) and first access to purchase additional bottles from these exclusive releases if any happen to be available.

2 guest spots to Annual Whiskey Gala

The Greatest Swag Bag: (will be ready for pick-up mid-January or later 2019)

3 Bottles of your choice*: choose between our flagship Vodka, OC Orange Vodka, Aquavit, and Gin (specialty releases not included)—These can be selected in-store at time of pick-up.

1 Club membership exclusive hat

1 Club membership exclusive pin

2 Glencairn Whiskey glasses

15% off all all distillery purchases

You’ll get FIRST DIBS on all new releases and special events.

All Whiskey Parliament members must be 21 or older.